Welcome to our first annual #FLOWCON.
This year’s conference will focus on GROWTH.

Whether you are just exploring an idea or you are starting up your business, The
#Flowcon conference is for you! The main topic in this conference is E-commerce as it has been a trending driver for the last decade and will continue over the next few years.
#Flowcon speakers will tackle the following topics from how to start up a successful ecommerce business, what is required in terms on compliance, how to effectively market your brand story, how to effectively value price your goods and services and we will cover cases and examples from current successful e-commerce businesses.


With growth stages carefully crafted, you'll come in with an idea and you will leave #Flowcon with a plan. Register now!


May 8 2018, at Merit Brewery, Hamilton, ON. Limited seating.



We Will walk you through
each stage of growth.

From the idea stage,
we will consider each
are of growth that needs
planning and strategy,
to leave #FlowCon with
a Blueprint of action.

9.30 AM | 10 Steps to Set Up a Bullet Proof E-Commerce Business 

In this presentation you will learn 10 simple steps to start up your virtual business. Steps include register your business, what would be the best organization structure for you, getting the right vendors, automate your business with the right technology and stay in compliance with government agencies.

Cecilia Gordillo  - Accountant |  Co-Founder Flow CPA

10 AM | Q&A: HST Auditor 

Ask away, Brandi will answer all your questions!

Brandi Lastname - TBA  |  Work

10.30 AM | The Facts Of Freelance: A Starter Kit For Figuring It All Out

Starting a freelance business is not impossible. It just requires practical knowledge as much as it does a good idea and a healthy dose of self-motivation. We’re taking away the guesswork about freelancing by clarifying the Top 10 things you probably want to do (and now about) first.

Rebecca Perrin - Brand Marketing Coach  |  Founder Brand Editor

11 AM | How to Value Price and Innovate Your Goods/Services 
Simple and effective strategies to boost your profits and eliminate your competition.
Natasha McLaren-Doerr - Accountant  |  Co-Founder Flow CPA 

11.30 AM | Lunch Break and Beer Tasting (included in ticket) 


12.15 PM | How to Brand Your Business Through the Client Experience Lens  

All you need to know to create a memorable experience that your clients want to tell the world! (the World Wide Web, that is)

Julia Molina - Branding & Digital Marketing   |  Founder Market Dixit Studio

12.45 PM | Think Strategically


TBA   |  TBA

1.15 PM | Closing Remarks & Networking 

Let's finish the day strong! Mix along, introduce yourself, ask us questions. Let's connect!










Co-Founder at Flow CPA

Equally passionate about numbers as helping people, I ensure my valued clients attain lasting success in business and beyond.

Throughout the course of over a decade, I have garnered extensive accounting expertise across multiple industries, including but not limited to travel, finance, and construction.

Education-wise, I received a Bachelor's degree (with honors) in Commerce and a Master in Business Administration degree  from Laurentian University. I also hold two designations: a Certified General Accountant (CGA) and a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). Dedicated to lifelong learning, I am enrolled in an In-depth Tax course from CICA (Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants)

Founder at Brand Editor

Brand Editor makes complicated things sound easy. We are a content and communications service for leaders specializing in brand journalism and personal identity management. We leverage the power of content to earn professionals trust with team members and external stakeholders.

Brand Editor has worked with L'Oreal, Cover Girl, Pantene, Toronto Fashion Week, The DMZ at Ryerson University, Nike Canada, Air Canada Media and more.

Founder at Flow CPA

Since I first embarked upon my career path, I've been all about working smart, not hard. Therefore, I assist my clients in finding innovative solutions that will lighten their growing workload, not add more to it.  Moreover, I help my clients steer their efforts in the right direction, so their businesses can thrive without sacrificing their personal fulfillment.

With nearly two decades of in-depth experience, I've been imparted with an array of opportunities, including working in public practices at national and mid-size CPA firms, local small businesses, and a top 10 Canadian University. In addition to my hands-on experience, I am a CPA and CGA, granting me an optimal foundation in accounting and taxes, as well as the necessary tools to help clients not only meet their goals, but to exceed them.

Founder Market Dixit Studio

A brand starts as the concept idea of a business, but quickly becomes an entity with identifiable psychological, communicational and cultural aspects. Without all these aspects a brand is an empty pretty logo.

My aim is to educate my clients to make smart choices at the beginning of the branding process, by guiding them to think strategically, and equally responsibly, about the main aspects of it and its cultural impact in the society it operates.

I earned my english BA (Honours) in Communications, from McMaster University, in 2017. But my curious nature has taken me to earn more diplomas in Graphic Design, Journalism, Fashion Design and Digital Marketing along the last two decades.

Work Info

This is the speaker's bio. The colour represents the stage she/he will be guiding us throughout her presentation.



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