How to Read Your Financial Statement

March 6, 2018
Financial Statement

For many, a brand new startup is focused on creating an innovative product or service that will change the way we work or live. Startups often begin with low budgets or not budget at all , and every penny spent is monitored to ensure it contributes to the overall success of the business. That’s why…

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Client Spotlight: Dr. Ines Pinto

March 1, 2018

Name of your Business Physician What does your business do? Health care How the business got started? November 3rd 2017 Lesson Learned Just started How has Flow CPA impacted on your business? I am hoping to get better organized with my personal and corporative taxes Advice to others on launching a new business Organize and…

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Bank Feeds – Your Bank in Your Accounting Software

February 27, 2018

Small and medium sized businesses, to a large degree, are what drive the economy in Canada.  We have our share of large corporations that we frequent everyday, but, numbers indicate that a significant amount of our day to day transactions take place in businesses of a much smaller size.  This means that more and more…

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Tracking Employees and Payroll Automation

February 20, 2018
payroll automation

According to the Business Development Bank of Canada, 98% of all businesses in this country are defined as “small sized enterprises” and have fewer than 100 employees.  When combined with medium sized businesses, they represent over 99% of all businesses operating in Canada.  It’s not a stretch to say that they are the engine of…

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The Wonder App of Automation.. Thats why we love Hubdoc

February 13, 2018

There is a saying that most people have heard about jobs and careers; “If you are getting paid to do something that you love, then you will never have to work a day in your life”. The majority of business owners are, in fact, in business doing something that they love to do.  If they’re…

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Automation and Minimum Wage New labour Law changes in Ontario

January 29, 2018
Flow CPA

2018 is promising to be a big year for business for both owners and for workers. The Government of Ontario has launched several initiatives aimed at increasing the living standards of minimum wage workers and has included a host of other benefits that, according to research, will result in less employee turnover and increased business…

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Digital Media Tax Credits

January 24, 2018
Flow Cloud Accounting

We live in a world that is connected and integrated in ways that were unimaginable even one generation ago.  The reality that we live with today is that we have moved beyond science fiction and now have access to information, entertainment and even to each other that is truly staggering.  The world is, literally, at our…

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Meineke Car Garage – Milton

January 19, 2018

Name of your Business Milton Motorworks Inc and Georgetown Motoworks Inc 0/A Meineke Car Care Centre What does your business do? Auto technician (garage) How the business got started? It is a franchise. Biggest Risk? Taking on both locations at once… they were under performing Lesson Learned have a great bookkeeping system in place right…

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Press Release – Xero’s Emerging Partner of the Year Awards Americas

January 18, 2018

Media Release Flow Chartered Professional Accountants wins Emerging Partner of the Year in Xero Awards Americas January 18, 2018 — Hamilton, ON. Flow CPA won top honors in the annual Xero Awards Americas, claiming the Emerging Partner of the Year for 2017. Xero, a global small business platform, has over 100,000 business advisors worldwide as part of its network and…

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Available Tax Credits for Research and Development

January 16, 2018

  Running a business is like taking a trip in a car.  You pick a destination, plot your course and then set out on the road.  Along the way, you manage the inevitable delays, roadblocks and detours that present themselves as obstacles.  Successful drivers know that as along as you have fuel in your tank,…

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