How We Work

Throw out your old perception of an accountant! You deserve a financial guru, a guide that will help you simplify how you run your business; allowing you to focus on the things that matter.

As your accountants you expect us to work on your books, your taxes and your financial statements… but what if we can help you analyse the numbers you’re given, to really help you build your business.

We aim to become more than only your new accounting department. It is important for us that you know that we’re here to help you. We’re here to stand by you. To challenge your thinking, and to help you make even better decisions.

We are partnering with you

Advisory in a language that is easy to understand

Leverage technology to automate a “lot” of your business

Great quarterly meetings to talk about your business


At Flow we are all about value and therefore we offer flat monthly fees. That enables you to have piece of mind and easy budgeting.

Our basic monthly package starts at $595/month and includes email and phone call support for you to consult with us when you need to make important decisions without having to worry about paying extras.

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