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What does a FLOW Bookkeeper actually do for a business

You started your business. You are following your passion, serving your clients and creating value for each one of them.  In return, you are also earning and spending money.  It’s the dream of successful entrepreneurship.  However, as you’ve learned, tracking these transactions demands more of your time and talent – something you could be offering more…

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5 Reasons why putting off your bookkeeping can cost you thousands of dollars!

Bookkeeping is the activity or occupation of keeping records of the financial affairs of a business. The importance of bookkeeping cannot be emphasized enough. Even if it isn’t something you’d like to address or manage yourself, the truth of the matter is that no business is successful if they do not properly monitor, manage and…

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What is Cash Flow?

Being a business owner can sometimes feel like you are all alone in the world, struggling to get ahead just to make ends meet and cash forgetting about the advantage of understanding cash flow.  The challenges are great, but, nothing is more rewarding or gratifying than nurturing an idea through the different stages of business…

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Digital Media Tax Credits

Flow Cloud Accounting

We live in a world that is connected and integrated in ways that were unimaginable even one generation ago.  The reality that we live with today is that we have moved beyond science fiction and now have access to information, entertainment and even to each other that is truly staggering.  The world is, literally, at our…

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2017 has been a milestone on Innovation… Are you ready for 2018?

2017 has been a great year for innovation in business, especially in the area of artificial intelligence. Starting a small business today costs a fraction of what it did 20 years ago. A huge part of that development is due to the innovations in information technology that allow us to work virtually from anywhere. The…

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New Year’s Resolution: Leave the Commitment to Automation

As the calendar switches from one year to the next this month, it is a time when the whole world seems to be making resolutions.  For the most part, people are hoping to lose weight, stop smoking and exercise more etc…  Business owners are people too and aside from making resolutions for personal improvement, they…

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