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A team of experts and professionals working just for you!

Reliable Bookkeepers, Your own dedicated bookkeeper will keep in touch with you or your staff on an ongoing basis to ensure everything gets tracked and your books look amazing. More importantly, You’re never alone when we’re on your side. One of our CPAs will meet with you regularly to help you transition from business operator to business owner.

We make technology to look simple and intuitive for you!

Stressed about going through the hassle of setting up new technology? Automation is great, but only when you really understand how to take advantage of its benefits. We do the set up of the software for you and provide a customized comprehensive training for you and your staff, so you can get the most of each software application.

Taxes and Compliance are taken care of

Worrying about taxes? Never fret about a CRA letter again. We handle all CRA reporting remittances for you. We send your Government remittance reports (like HST or Payroll). We will also insure all our work so if CRA calls you inquiring for something we or your prior accountant have submitted we will handle any inquire at not extra cost to you.

Cash Flows

We know that Cash is King. We give you a crash course on understanding cash flow and financial projections and we meet regularly to ensure you are on track and always in the black.

Priority Zoom Support

You know we’ve got your back and there’s nothing like hearing it face-to-face. Book a video chat on our calendar whenever you need us.

Are you in the Media Industry?

Our Media and Entertainment Practice has a proven track record of success serving companies in the following industries:

  • Film, Media and Television
  • Digital Entertainment
  • Live entertainment
  • Animation companies
  • Production/Post Production


The film and media industry in Canada comes with its own unique set of tax perks and accounting challenges. If you work in the Film, Media and Television industry, either as an independent contractor or permanent part of a studio, you need dependable accounting and bookkeeping services that allow you to focus on your projects, while taking advantage of Film and Media tax credits.

At Flow we are  accounting specialists in the film and media industry. We take care of the tax compliance and budgets of your projects and make sure you will get the most of the existing tax credits. No matter how complicated your production-based tax or accounting needs may be, our team is here to help.

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One of us will be contacting you to chat about what you do, how your accounting process works and how would you like it to work. Use this time to ask any questions in regards to your books, taxes and business.

Discover Our Plans

We will talk about pricing, we will provide you with 3 fixed price plans customized for you to choose the one that most fit your needs.

Let's Work Together

After you find out the package that fits you most. We will start onboarding you right away, we will walk you on every step but mostly we will do the heavy lifting for you!