Automate Your Accounting and Focus on Growth

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As a small business owner or a startup, you have a lot on your plate. Even if you have the greatest idea in decades or have divined the perfect solution to a problem that haunts millions of people, you can’t get your message out and grow your business without taking care of the everyday, mundane, necessary pieces of the business puzzle. Thanks to technological advances and others who have also developed great ideas and solutions, today small businesses and entrepreneurs have an advantage that their business forefathers only dreamed of – automation.

Thank You, Henry Ford

Although it wasn’t exactly robot labor like some sci-fi novel, when Henry Ford came up with the idea of the moving assembly line more than one hundred years ago, things started moving forward quickly. Decades later the first version of robotic labor was introduced to that same assembly line, and suddenly business owner had extra employees on hand to take care of other things, or that they could do without in order to cut costs. Today we’re on the verge of having personal robotic maids like the Jetsons, and automation is everywhere.

From the largest of multinational corporations to the five-person mom and pop operation around the corner, businesses are relying on automation today to free up their time, lower their expenses, and increase efficiency in numerous processes and areas of business. Online banking, CRM software, payments, almost every area of business can be automated at least partially, and that means that less people can get more done in less time with technology.

Accounting is No Exception

Of course automation doesn’t necessarily mean Jetson-like robots doing the job for you. It’s a mixture of outsourcing, data collection and analysis software, and applications that automatically perform certain functions with that data or the resulting information. And few would argue that accounting and bookkeeping falls into under the heading of “necessary but mundane and time consuming” for the average business person who just wants to focus on their area of expertise and growing their business – and more growth always means more accounting.

Cloud accounting is a great solution to this problem, allowing small business owners to have their own customized app ecosystem that handles the basics while real accountants work as advisors and manage the automation portion of the process. Your numbers – whether that’s payroll, sales, taxes, or any other number of accounting-related business necessities – are collected and organized from your internal systems into a tailored app ecosystem where they’re sorted and analyzed almost instantly without intervention. Then someone checks on that automation every month to make sure it’s working properly, gives you reports on them against your KPIs, and offers advice that only experts can give. You just run your business.

It’s not some futuristic utopian dream anymore, it’s available now and to anyone. Isn’t modern technology great? Check Flow CPA’s monthly packages to see which one fits your situation, or give us a call to find out how we can help you automate your accounting and bookkeeping so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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