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Client Spotlight: Market Dixit Studio

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Name of your Business
Market Dixit Studio

What does your business do?
We specialize in branding and digital marketing

How the business got started?
I have been freelancing for the last 14 years, and recently decided to commit to my professional career. I started
planning things slowly, but within three months, services, systems, formulas and all necessary elements to run a
successful studio were lined up. Simply put, I used all the same formulas I’m offering to our clients to build up our

Biggest Risk?
To oversimplify complex communication systems.

Lesson Learned
Brand value and digital marketing effectivity are time-acquired assets that require strategic planning, permanent
monitoring, and consistent budgeting. These three elements feed each other permanently allowing great returns
in investments.

How has Flow CPA impacted on your business?
I learned about Flow before I started organizing my own business structure. As soon as I decided to commit to
my business I knew Flow was going to be a cornerstone to a successful start. Needless to say, Flow staff has been
helping on every step of the way, allowing me to have plenty of peace of mind in all accounting issues that I have
little understanding and are detrimental to run a business.

Advice to others on launching a new business
Allow the time to plan your communications as much as you need to plan your finances. Without focus, the goal
is unachievable.

Favourite Quote
“Overall, because branding is about creating and sustaining trust, it means delivering on promises. The best and
most successful brands are completely coherent. Every aspect of what they do and what they are reinforces
everything else.” Wally Olins

Favourite business app
Im loving Xero! Specially because allows for payment services integrations such as pay pal, it’s linked directly in the electronic invoices, making it easier for my clients to pay online, and for me to track cash flow in real time.

Iphone, Android or BB?
Iphone and considering Google Pixel

Facebook Status:
Is this time of the year! We enjoy the childlike cheerful spirit it brings! We aim to spread it celebrating different
beliefs and traditions #branding #marketing #DixitSpirit #hamOnt (branded image)

Twitter Handle:

Networks: (places you use to connect with other entrepreneurs)
Life, Facebook, Instagram, Dribble and now testing Vero.

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