What does a FLOW Bookkeeper actually do for a business

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You started your business. You are following your passion, serving your clients and creating value for each one of them.  In return, you are also earning and spending money.  It’s the dream of successful entrepreneurship.  However, as you’ve learned, tracking these transactions demands more of your time and talent – something you could be offering more clients to build and expand your brand.  That is when the bookkeeper comes into a place.

First, let’s start by defining what a book keeper actually is.  Let’s ask another automated and helpful tool, Siri.

Siri says, “ A bookkeeper is a person who records the day-to-day financial transactions of a business. They are usually responsible for ensuring all transactions, whether they are in cash or credit, are recorded in the correct daybook”.

It has been our experience that there is a misconception that anyone can actually manage record keeping. While we do not doubt your are talented in many facets, if you are a business owner that has been in business for at least more than a year, you can probably attest to having faced (at least once) the reality that your bookkeeper (or ever you) couldn’t answer much about your business financials at the drop of a hat. Nor could your accountant (or you) answer quickly to the present or future of your business and how the funds measure up to support such direction.

At Flow, we believe bookkeeping also involves a great deal of trust. Not only are you entrusting your bookkeeper with your most precious and sensitive data but also you are relying on their accuracy. Therefore, we commit to provide value, integrity and accuracy. We don’t just crunch numbers.  We are actively involved in measuring all the relevant data so that you can make educated decisions about your business and its budget and expenses in a quick and correct manner.

With Flow, you can expect just that, an effortless and continual process that moves your money and mission in the direction you envision. We commit to the following:

We file, on your virtual cabinet, all the receipts and invoices and anything that is business related for easy access and to ensure all transactions can be substantiated in case CRA asks for them.

  1. We work on your books weekly to ensure every time you login into your accounting software, you know with accuracy and transparency where your business is standing.
  2. We are reliable and reachable. You can contact your own dedicated bookkeeper whenever you need; there is a dedicated email address provided to you, where your bookkeeper, or an expert on the topic you are inquiring, will respond to you within 24 hours.
  3. We help you with app integrations and ensure the financial information is accurate from one app to the other, again ensuring that no numbers slip through the cracks. Every penny counts and is counted!
  4. We will teach you how to read and understand financial statements and key metrics in your business.
  5. We’ve got your back. Never fret about a CRA letter again. We handle all CRA reporting remittances for you. We send your Government remittance reports (like HST or Payroll), you approve them, and we take care of the rest.
  6. We strive for your peace of mind. We charge fixed monthly fees, meaning no surprises or anxiety on your end. After all, we understand the importance of every dime and intend to make it easy to keep more in your business!

We are cloud accountants, that add value to our clients by offering not only bookkeeping and tax but also we provide advice and strategic solutions to increase their net profits. You can even get a free assessment! Here’s to finding an accountable and helpful resource for your business accounting needs.

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