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New business Lead Generation

After starting a business, one thing that will never disappear from the to-do list is how to get more customers.

Before going into the details of the article, try to get it clear that the goal is not get instant sale but to identify and nurture viable leads that will eventually result in sales. Take your time to read this article as it explains how you can start getting leads after you opened your business.

Keeping track of metrics

Business metrics are the quantifiable measures that can be used to assess and track the status of your business; Business metrics is an important tool that can always be employed to address your audience. Different areas of your business have different metrics that could be tracked. Example is the social media metrics, sales performance metrics are crème in generating leads.

Have a functioning website

Most small business doesn’t see value in having a website, but it is one of the most important ways to generate leads for your business.

Aside being your online office, the website is a platform that helps you get contact information from new and existing clients.

Making use of call to actions like opting to receive email newsletters allows you get clients data.

Also your website contact us page is like playing a penalty to a free goal post since anyone contacting you is interested in your business. Without a website, generating leads turns out difficult.

A blog is important

Information means a lot to people out there and providing information on topics that will match your customer base is a good way to reach out to the untapped market.

Give the potential customers an insightful, educative and eye opening resources and they stay glued to your brand.

Email marketing

Can you remember mention was made about collecting emails from your website? If yes, this is where that information’s come into play. With the contact information at your finger tip, you can run mail marketing campaign geared towards first time customers. You can also send them an invite to visit your store or office; you can inform them about a free product, discount or tutorial that can lead to first purchase.

The social media

The social media is where everything lies. This is one of the most powerful tool for generating leads to your business. Create a social media handle on different social media platforms to reach out to clients and prospecting clients.

Ensure care is taken when using the social media. The social media can destroy your business just the way it can generate leads. Avoid religious, ethnic, political or controversial discussions. Also maximize your effort to generate leads by;

  • Making use of short descriptive videos
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Hold referral campaign
  • Run contests

Make good use of Facebook ads

Use of Facebook ads is one of the best ways to generate leads for business owners willing to pay too play. This is because Facebook ads gives the option access specific target options which include but are not limited to location, interests, gender and age.

To get the best using Fcaebook ads in lead generation, use best practices which include;

  • Clear and concise ads
  • Eye catchy color (stay away from blue and white)
  • Understand the difference between cost per click (CPC) and cost per impression (CPI)

Tap into database

There are database websites like www.data.comwhere you can find potential leads for your business. This database maintains a list of companies with accurate contact information. Under a short time frame on the database. With www.data.com, you can get data, generate leads and result in about 25% increase in sales.

Referral partnership

Partnering with other small businesses can help you generate more leads. The simple way to do this is with a referral partnership.

How does the referral partnership works?

Once you send referrals to other business or other businesses send a referral to you, you receive a percentage of the revenue generated.

Create a clear paperwork with your legal team to ensure everything is clear. Make sure information about requirements like total sale amount, percentage tiers, quality of leads are included.

Answer questions on Quora

Quora is a top question and answering social networking site with millions of users. Answering questions on Quora makes your profile noticed by users. Users can access your website from the profile.

Lastly, let your signature leave a footprint.

Always ensure your signature is on everything you do. When users see the signature often and often, they trust the brand and can work with you

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