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AuditShield Insurance

Is this your first time of seeing the term “tax insurance”? If yes then you must have known few benefits of the term. If no, you have gotten what the term is at your finger tip.

Whether you have seen the term or you haven’t, reading this article will explain how having tax insurance can ease stress and give you peace of mind.

Long success history has made Tax insurance a sought after plan for business owners. Tax insurance was first written by the insurance market for companies since the early 1980s.

Since the tax insurance has been written, the special tax insurance market has been handled by skilled insurance pro and intermediaries like www.flowcpa.com.

Tax insurance will help you manage your tax risk ranging from review notices from CRA to WSIB Audits, employee Audits and HST. So once you get insurance there should be no more anxiety of getting letters from CRA or any other governmental body, Here at Flow we will handle the whole process for you!

Flow CPA  has partnered with Audit shield, to provide clients with tax insurance solutions with the team of experts with experience that will help in cost-effective tax, innovative development, eliminating or reducing tax risk etc. Unique understanding of the blend between the insurance industry and tax industry has made tax insurance easier for the brand.

With tax insurance, be rest assured there is no reason to experience tax audit pain because it is an effective tool/method/measure that protects you against catastrophic or unbelievable negativity that may affect earnings and cash flow.

Tax insurance also makes you confident because you can rely on Tax insurance for business tax risk. With tax insurance, you are free from stress leading to peace of mind. Here are tax issues that Tax insurance will help you handle;

  • Accountants and tax professional fees for handling the review, Audit process for you or any other letter from CRA.
  • Tax Lawyers if the audit escalates further.

Do you need a more information on how to insure your tax; you are just a click away.  Our priority is that you will enjoy being an entrepreneur and we will manage the bureaucracy between your business and the government.

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