New Year’s Resolution: Leave the Commitment to Automation

By January 2, 2018 March 3rd, 2020 No Comments

As the calendar switches from one year to the next this month, it is a time when the whole world seems to be making resolutions.  For the most part, people are hoping to lose weight, stop smoking and exercise more etc…  Business owners are people too and aside from making resolutions for personal improvement, they tend to use December and January for assessing how things are going and to consider what they can do to experience increased prosperity in the coming year.  

There are several ways that a business today can improve their day to day operations to improve their bottom line.  Perhaps the most significant one is automate as many procedures as possible.  From daily tasks of your business core, to support systems like marketing, advertising or billing things run smoothly and efficiently when they are automated.  And for business, it all translates to profits.  

In today’s world, with the support of the internet and specifically the cloud, automation of daily tasks has become relatively simple.  Where the bottom line is concerned, no business tasks are more important than bookkeeping and accounting.  They provide a snapshot of a business’ health at any given time, they allow for doing an effective budget setup and they ensure that a business remains tax compliant.  Tax compliance means making payments and submitting information to authorities on time and in the required formats.  Over time, it can mean the difference between life and death for a business, large or small.

Thanks to internet based programs and apps that are available for collecting, sorting and storing data; smart accounting is within the grasp of every business and business owner.  If you’ve ever wrestled with a mountain of receipts at tax time to send to your accountant, you know the frustration and the waste of time and lost opportunity that it can cause.  Cloud based data collection and storage services specialize in digitizing documents like receipts, bills and invoices.  They extract key information from documents and then sort them into folders that can be uploaded to cloud based accounting programs.  For the business owner, this means no more time spent on data entry or filing.  Any employee can take a picture of the documents or receipts and these get uploaded into the businesses’ own virtual cabinet.

The key advantage of working with Flow CPA is our expertise in managing client accounts with the most up to date technology.  A specific combination ofapps do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to keeping your books up to date.  As you contemplate your New Year’s Resolutions, think of Flow CPA as the personal trainer for your business; except in this case, the trainer actually does the exercising for you!  The commitment that you make to get, and keep, your books in shape can be done seamlessly and automatically this year with the cloud based programs available to clients of Flow CPA, leaving you more time and energy to work on building your business to the next level.

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